April 1, 2020 – True Greatness

“Therefore, the only measure of true greatness is how close a man can become like Jesus. That man is greatest who is most like Christ, and those who love him most will be most like him.”

  1. President Ezra Taft Benson, “Listen to a Prophet’s Voice”, Ensign, January 1973

In today’s world, greatness is measured in society as one who has the most money, the most Twitter followers, or one who has the brightest spotlight shining on them. Or someone who can score 50 points in a game or hit 3 home runs in a single game.

We as a people put our admiration and even emulation on others who, by Christlike attributes are measured, has not a single one. Or, is close to having a semblance of one.

As members of the Church, we have been given the spiritual birthright. Meaning, we have been given additional responsibility and the resources that come with it, including revelation and blessings. This is not so we can esteem ourselves better than others. It is just the opposite. So we can help lift others and find the lost tribes.

In other words…to gather Isreal.

We gather Israel by doing work and ordinances for those who gave passed on. We gather Israel by proclaiming the gospel to others. We gather Isreal by teaching, serving, lifting others, including members. We gather Israel by giving blessings. Indeed, we gather Israel by lifting others to a plane that’s higher, including ourselves.

Where much is given, much is expected. And where much is expected, much is given.

Heavenly Father is bettering His work through us. And He’s bettering us through His work.


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